language of love

Tuesday is a date to update …… Mind of God and what could be better than beauty …… 

there is so much beauty in nature but certain timeless monuments like Taj Mahal blend so well with the beauty of God ….so to blend with God one need to blend with beauty first ….. 

so first Talk of Taj Mahal ….. many talk of the love of a emperor and empress …… 

but more than that is the love of people , masons , craftsmen , artist who worked day and night and left no signature on the time monument but left the signature of their worship of work as beauty in the timeless dimension what I call is a spiritual signature …..

inner beauty is a spiritual signature ….. and to sensitive souls these signature speaks meaning ….. and to explore that meaning …. to express our love and gratitude to these unknown artist ……. I visited Taj Mahal many many times ….in all seasons to listen and learn and cherish this love poetry carved in white Marble ……

If you happen to visit and monument or works of art ….. be silent in mind to have conversations with the spiritual mind of the monuments ……like going in nature and in silence we converse with mind of God …..

beauty is a spiritual signature of God in nature and that is why God is beauty …..

love all.

(c) ram0ram ……. freedom to right copy and share

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