pure sleep = the ultimate wealth

Good and God ‘s morning …….

some body ask me how many time you recite the name of the lord …..

told that person …..

one time when I wake up ….. Good and God’smorning


another time before the sleep …..good and God’s night .

do not you remember any other time ? …..

so told that person ….. neither I forget nor I remember …..

1 = 875

to forget is easy …..

to remember also is easy ……

it is like remaining on both the flat sides of a coin …. like remaing in past or future 

so easy to remain on both flat sides which are  dimensions of time 


to stand on the vertical edge of the coin requires balance 

and in case of sound sleep

and to live in awareness

and to live in now requires balance in vertical dimension of timelessness now 

so remaining with vertical dimension is to live with Mind of God …..sheer bliss .

another day some body ask …… what I believe in …..

so told the person SONA in Indian language Hindi

and meaning of SONA is Gold …….

so this person laughed and told that most Of the world and specially Indian believe in Gold .

now it was my turn and as that person was wearing the Gold chain in the neck ……

so told that what gold you wear around your neck is kind of bell .


but what SONA or gold I believe is pure bliss ….. the ultimate wealth ……

In India sleep also has a name which is SONA ……

that is why pure sleep is invaluable wealth


this  is the reason spiritual scientist of Hinduism call pure sleep as Sona or pure Gold .

love all.

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