Great Ocean of Truth

ram H singhal

A for Apple , B for Ball , C for Cat , D for Dog ….. this is how learning of English Alphabets Starts but …… Why ?

Image result for Alphabet english chart with pictures

Becauseby the Age of 3 , a child is aware of these things visually so it is a visual learning and Visual Learning about the Nature of Cosmos is Science.

Why ? …… is the first step to be a Scientist and it brings quest to discover , questions for research , all kinds of thinkings , lot of papers with inkings , putting many theories for linking and finally Sinking into the ” Great Ocean of Truth ” .

It is to find Working of our Visible Cosmos. starting with ” Big Bang ” that is the fragmentation of Energy and to study fragmentation is a “Microscopic Vision Science. “

Who ? …… Who Am I ? is an inbuilt…

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