Colours of Light

Life is short and progress is slow. — Gabriel Lippmann

The problem of direct colour photography has been facing us since the turn of the last century. — Gabriel Lippmann

Most of these pictures, taken while travelling, were developed on the mantelpiece of a hotel room, which proves that the method is easy enough to carry out. — Gabriel Lippmann

The series of photographic operations, developing, washing, final drying, takes about quarter of an hour. — Gabriel Lippmann

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1908 was awarded to Gabriel Lippmann ( 1845 — 1921 ) “for his method of reproducing colours photographically based on the phenomenon of interference.”

In 1891 Lippmann revealed a revolutionary colour-photography process, later called the Lippmann process, that utilized the natural colours of Light wavelengths instead of using dyes and pigments.

It never achieved popularity, therefore, but it was an important step in the development of colour photography.

Science has Given us Colours of Light and Photography to Delight our Life . — ram H singhal

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal

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