Owls of Cosmic Web

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1910 was awarded to Johannes Diderik van der Waals ( 1837 — 1928 ) “for his work on the equation of state for gases and liquids.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of Van der Waals’ life is that he never received formal education and hence he wasn’t able to go to university. He was a self taught student of science and got into doctoral research later on in life through a government scheme.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1911 was awarded to Wilhelm Wien ( 1864 — 1928 ) “for his discoveries regarding the laws governing the radiation of heat.”

Regardless of the fact that He received his early education at home and was expelled from his first school for poor academics, he performed pioneering work in the field of physics.

He completed doctoral degree under the guidance of the eminent physicist, Herman Helmholtz.

Great scientist are like Owls of Cosmic Web of Wisdom who could see in darkness a clear vision for the advancement of Scientific research to benifit Human Race ,

These Genius Minds could Race with Home Made Shoes yet achieved the Highest Honour from the Society .

Talents donot need Tools to accomplish their Mission .

Salute to all the Great Spirits of Past , Present and Future.

Love all.

(c) ram H singhal