Not  twice  this  day,  

 Inch  time  foot  gem ,

                                   This  day  will  not  come  again,                                  

Each minute is worth a priceless gem. 

Zen master ” TAKUN ”


happiness …… breath   to  breath ,            

happiness…….  thread  to  bread ,  

happiness ……. eat  to  sleep ,                

happiness ……………that  occupies  my being  ,  

a to z  of  creative enlightenment.

 footnote on June 2010 ………

 Thanks  to  my  grand – daughter Kashvi, 5 yrs now ,

it  is  her  wisdom ,  that I  am  learning  computer,  

get  inspired  by lots of wisdom  on  net  which makes me  add  my  few alphabets,  a b c d  


few words of silence…..

by  chance now  I  have a lot of  blogs ,….. on many subjects ….. all for happiness and love .  

Ram0ram’s Blog

Ram0ram’s happiness notes……

Whispers of fragrant breeze

Mind of God

Love = tree of happiness

ram0ram wisdom notes

Enlightenment = conversations with God

Music = harmony with God

Journey of creative enlightenment

Tennis = love game of God


 ram0 ram tries to be a good steno

who writes master’s voice

in short hand….

wisdom belongs to God…….

steno makes lot of spelling mistakes…….

master is kind so are all of you……

love all…….

( c ) ram0ram 

freedom to right copy and share

journey 3

one day In 1983 …..a quest became intense to know who I am ? ….

and was totally ignorant about any religious philosophy or guru or guide


my mother who as a mother of ten children and a simple human being asked me to keep trust in God …..

but for a ignorant person to get all the answers for the very basic questions of life  was looking impossible …..

but one day by chance , by grace of divine , a text appeared …..

the source I do not know


as a good steno wrote what appeared in …..

 Own Zero 

( Click above on own zero to read the book )


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