pure sleep = the ultimate wealth

Good and God ‘s morning …….

some body ask me how many time you recite the name of the lord …..

told that person …..

one time when I wake up ….. Good and God’smorning


another time before the sleep …..good and God’s night .

do not you remember any other time ? …..

so told that person ….. neither I forget nor I remember …..

1 = 875

to forget is easy …..

to remember also is easy ……

it is like remaining on both the flat sides of a coin …. like remaing in past or future 

so easy to remain on both flat sides which are  dimensions of time 


to stand on the vertical edge of the coin requires balance 

and in case of sound sleep

and to live in awareness

and to live in now requires balance in vertical dimension of timelessness now 

so remaining with vertical dimension is to live with Mind of God …..sheer bliss .

another day some body ask …… what I believe in …..

so told the person SONA in Indian language Hindi

and meaning of SONA is Gold …….

so this person laughed and told that most Of the world and specially Indian believe in Gold .

now it was my turn and as that person was wearing the Gold chain in the neck ……

so told that what gold you wear around your neck is kind of bell .


but what SONA or gold I believe is pure bliss ….. the ultimate wealth ……

In India sleep also has a name which is SONA ……

that is why pure sleep is invaluable wealth


this  is the reason spiritual scientist of Hinduism call pure sleep as Sona or pure Gold .

love all.

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Darshan = visual language of silence

God is a visual language of silence


One afternoon after lunch as I was coming out from my friend’s home

in Saket in New Delhi noticed a very fine and famous monument ……..

Qutab Minar  ….a UNESCO World Heritage site .. …. 

association of brain memory suggest that a very dear friend

and a fine photo artist has a studio near by …….

so decided to call as I visit him once in a blue moon …….

he was delighted to hear me and asked me to come so visited him …..

reaching his office ……. looked at each other  for few moments ……

there were a TV crew to interview him


I also was pressed for time for a music concert in the evening ……..

asked his permission to leave so he asked …..

why did I visited him for such short time ?……

usually it will last long hours ……

so replied ….. for your DARSHAN …….

so he asked what is DARSHAN …….

replied him …… visual language of silence …..


Darśana (also Darśan or Darshan; Sanskrit: दर्शन) is a term meaning “sight”

In the sense “to see with reverence and devotion,”

and could refer either to a vision of the divine

or to being in the presence of a highly revered person.

“By doing darshan properly a devotee develops affection for God,


God develops affection for that devotee.”

Darshan is ultimately difficult to define,

since it is an event in consciousness—

an interaction in presence between devotee and God/guru;
between devotee and image or sculpture,

which focuses and calls out the consciousness of the devotee.

In either event, a heightening of consciousness or spirituality is the intended effect.


Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta

Kahahi Sunahi Bahu Vidhi Sab Santa

Lord  (Hari) is infinite (Ananta),


so are the stories (Katha) about his glory

All learned seers (Santa) narrate (kahahi) these


listen (sunahi) to them in many different ways (bahu vidhi)

ram0ram footnote :

Since all creative languages comes out from silence ……

everyone has own choice and medium of expression and explanations…….

so have your own language …… it can be dance , vocal music , instrumental music , painting , poetry , writing , watching , talking , walking and any thing of our own choice …… all as prayer of divine ….. all with silence ……. all in totality …… all in oneness …… to understand this visual language ….. as

सत्यम शिवम सुंदरम =

Satyam Shivam Sundram 

 which means God is truth …… truth is God …… and God is beauty …….. the essence of visual language of silence 

love all.

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freedom to right copy and share 

relax and taste God



We humans have
the wisdom of genuinely resting
and relaxing.

We worry too much.

We don’t allow our bodies to heal,
we don’t allow our minds
hearts to heal.

Thich Nhat Hanh


ram0ram footnote 

In India relaxation is known In Indian language Hindi as आराम  ( Aaram )

which means in English as relaxation or comfort or ease …….

but  आ  means come  and राम ( Ram )  is one of the name given to God …….

so आराम  ( Aaram ) means coming of God …….

image[33] (1)

In our sleep we always go through different brain waves

but in deep sleep  in stage 4 we are always with divine

and that is absolute happiness


आराम  ( Aaram )  is the taste of God …… the eternal happiness ……

and we all know this taste and this is the taste we all are searching in our life 

so relax and taste God .

Love all.

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share 

science and spirituality

we are mixture of time bound body and timeless soul…..

mind is a fluid energy field


right brain ..our emotional intelligence or feminine brain representing nature of  timeless soul


left brain …..our logical intelligence or masculine brain representing nature of body in time……..

if we approach from micro vision of body which is modern science  then mind is complex


if we approach from macro vision of soul which  is spirituality then it is most simple……

In Hindi we have a word MANAN….means analysis this is micro vision and very complex


other word is NAMAN ….means surrender to the wish of God….macro vision and very simple…

choice is ours…..

love all.

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Namaste : science of mirroring God

Mind ‘ is the bridge between right and left brain,

soul and body ,

subjective and objective,

emotional intelligence and logical intelligence ,

space and time,

vertical dimension (beyond time) and horizontal dimension (with in time ) ,

“Meditation” is a science to fill this gap between past and future, to experience present

All “creative arts” which include

“writing”,”poetry”,” singing” “painting”,”photography”,


various” sports” ,and “hobbies “like “gardening”, “cooking “are like various paths


worship of works are prayers to bring subjective and objective together


creative enlightenment……



is one of the most simple  spiritual science to mirror God within

and also to 

greet the other person with that same feeling and happiness

right hand …body
left hand ….soul
bring them together…

to form union of transparent soul and non transparent body 

to become 

mirror of God…

this practice

minimum for 3 minutes

any time , any where and as many times one wish to practice  but it should be
like prayers….. and between the two palms feel the energy 

balance of mind……

and also for 

mind to no mind…

life = dance of zero
so simple

love all

(c) ram0ram

freedom to right copy and share

Those who became complete

Those who became complete

English version by Kabir Helminski & Refik Algan
Original Language Turkish

Those who became complete
didn’t live this life in hypocrisy,
didn’t learn the meaning of things
by reading commentaries.

Reality is an ocean; the Law is a ship.
Many have never left the ship,
never jumped into the sea.

 They might have come to Worship
but they stopped at rituals.
They never knew or entered the Inside.

Those who think the Four Books
were meant to be talked about,
who have only read explanations
and never entered meaning,
are really in sin.

Yunus means “true friend”
for one whose journey has begun.
Until we transform our Names,
we haven’t found the Way.


Yunus Emre
Turkey (1238 – 1320) 
Muslim / Sufi